Campus Director General's Greeting

Campus Director General's Greeting

Dear Student,

I warmly welcome you to the Buda Campus of the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences!

Our university, which at the time was still known as the Practical Training Institute for Agricultural Gardeners, was founded by the doctor Ferenc Entz in 1853. The significance of the foundation was that it placed education on a natural science basis, so as a result of the development of professional and scientific activity over the past 170 years, the educational institute was transformed into a university in 1968 and currently plays a leading role among agricultural higher education institutions.

From the beginning, the institute has developed together with the Buda Arboretum, which provides a place, a unique environment and, perhaps, it is not an exaggeration to say, security, where the first trees were planted in the 19th century. was planted at the end of the century, and whose 125th anniversary we celebrated in recent years.

The Faculty of Preservation Industry was founded 45 years ago, and the Faculty of Landscape Architecture, Conservation and Development 25 years ago, so on today's Buda Campus, three former university faculties serve the higher education of Hungarian horticulture, food supply and landscape architecture: "from the farmland to the table". Currently, our Campus includes the Institute of Food Science and Technology, the Institute of Horticulture, the Institute of Plant Protection, the Institute of Viticulture and Enology and the Institute of Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning and Garden Art.

Our aim is to prepare responsible agricultural intellectuals to a European standard. According to Ferenc Entz: "horticulture aims to achieve the higher goals of civilized man". A lot has changed in the last 50-60 years and is still changing today. Older people of that age always say: "The world is different...". Maybe life is changing, speeding up, the speed of information flow is also sometimes terrifying. Thanks to the development of technology, we can barely use a tablet from one day to the next, our children turn on or off various electronic devices sooner. However, I believe that fundamentally the world will not change. What do I mean by that? In the same way as humans, we live our everyday lives, we try to meet everyday social expectations, even if we sometimes make mistakes. We follow our role models and do our thing. However, I am happy to say that the acceptance and recognition of our school in the agricultural sector has not changed either.

Our trainings cover the entire field of agricultural science, with the help of teaching and research colleagues who are well-known and recognized specialists not only in our country, but also internationally.

In line with market needs, most of our training courses are now also offered in English. After completing the basic course, it is possible to continue studying in a master's course, where it is also possible to obtain a double degree, because we take care of several of our courses jointly with leading European universities.

The full range of agricultural higher education is available to you: you can choose full-time and correspondence undergraduate and master's courses, as well as high-quality doctoral (PhD) programs.

I am sure that we are waiting for you if you want to deepen your knowledge in a field of agricultural science, if you feel enough determination and professional dedication to study as a food engineer, bioengineer, horticultural engineer, landscape engineer or viticulture engineer as a bachelor's degree and later, even as a master's degree!

All this in a beautiful environment, in the sub-mediterranean Buda Arboretum, located on the southern slope of Gellért Hill.

Ágnes Diána Sárdy Nyitrainé
university professor, Campus Director General