Danube AgriFood Master-DAFM

Danube AgriFood master - DAFM

Last modified: 18. October 2022


Background and general objectives

Our DAFM program aims to educate students, who are sensitive to sustainable agriculture and food production. To enhance the safety and stability of food production beside sustaining the environmental resources and eco-system services is crucial for adaptation to climate crisis, overpopulation and natural resources depletion.

The 120 ECTS joint degree MSc “Sustainability in Agriculture, Food Production and Food Technology in the Danube Region” (Danube AgriFood Master – DAFM) focuses on sustainable development as competent response to the upcoming challenges climate change and protection and promotion of livelihoods. It uses the Danube region as a model region for all riparian regions worldwide.

It combines the unique expertise of the HEI-consortium to provide top-quality research based education in sustainable agriculture, food security, food production and technology as core contents. It provides a solid basis in all relevant disciplines from natural sciences, engineering, economics to social sciences, offering extensive opportunities for interdisciplinary approaches and intercultural communication and promotes the idea of sustainable bioeconomy.

More info and application HERE!

Application deadline: 31 March 2022 23:59 - Central European Time

Studies commence Sep 1, 2022

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