MATE Authentication- Wi-fi, e-learning,  e-mail

MATE Authentication (Wifi, E-learning, email)

Last modified: 18. October 2022

IT information for students


At the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences (MATE), IT systems are accessed with a uniform user ID. This is called the MATE ID and (for students) is the same as the Neptun ID.
All university IT services will be available with this ID.
The ID and the related e-mail account will be created the day after the student enrollment (establishment of legal relationship with the university) is established. The new account is disabled by default and cannot be used until activated.
The ID can be activated at (JoKeR). Enter the user's date of birth as the initial password after the word Ne (eg Ne19891005). Account activation is required as part of the mandatory password change. This password change does not affect the Neptun system, there you can log in with a local password.

E-mail (correspondence)

To use the MATE mailbox, you must activate the user as described in the MATE ID section.
To access your email address or use Office365, you must sign in at The username is, and the password is the same as the password set on the JoKeR page.

The general form of the e-mail address format: When creating addresses and having similar names, a sequence number is added to the end of the name, separated by a period. Eg:

Due to their dual status, PhD students receive a distinctive address: It is still a student title, student account with student privileges. In case of name conflict, serial numbering will be introduced in this case as well.

Students are entitled to access the service during their student status. Upon termination of their student status, their access will be automatically denied.

Eduroam service (WiFi)

Eduroam - education roaming - is a global, trust-based institutional alliance (federation) that allows the academic community (students, employees of higher education institutions, and employees of research institutes and public collections) to access the Internet outside their own institution, within eduroam member institutions. The full list of participants and more information on the European hierarchy can be found at

To use the eduroam service, user activation is required as described in the MATE ID section.

The service is available at most MATE sites, which are constantly being enlarged.

You can log in with the MATE ID and the corresponding password, according to the following syntax:

Configuration instructions for the various systems can be found at:

Computer labs

As part of the educational support service, the Informatics Directorate ensures the operation of the centrally managed laboratories and machine rooms (Szent István Campus, Buda Campus). Login is done with the MATE ID and the password set in the JoKeR interface.
In all other cases, the local IT specialist can provide information on how to log in.


The system supports the acquisition of knowledge independently, at your own pace, with the help of control questions and tasks, and at the same time the examination can be implemented here. In support of the learning process, it provides an opportunity to keep in touch with the instructors and students of the courses.
To use the E-learning ( service, the user must be activated as described in the MATE ID section.


Neptun is an electronic study system for higher education institutions. The Neptun system ensures the storage of data related to the student's progress, the management of finances and applications. Selecting courses are also admitted here along with applications for exams are made.
The system is available from the portal, from the login submenu.
The Neptun system uses a local password, which is different from other systems using central authentication. Therefore, the password used in Neptun can only be used to log in to Neptun, it will not be automatically valid in other systems.

Reporting error:

In case of Neptun:
In case of E-learning:
In any other case: