International Feast and MAsTEr Chef Buda Campus

International Feast- MAsTEr Chef Buda Campus

Last modified: 25. November 2022

One of the biggest international events of the Campus, the International Feast and MAsTEr Chef at Buda Campus took place on the 28th of October, organized by the Campus Directorate and the International Relations Center.

Students had the chance to attend the honorable guest speaker, Nestlé Hungária Ltd CEO, Péter Noszek’s motivational presentation on how to build an international career.


The event continued with international food tasting, thanks to our international students who were willing to present their traditional dishes from countries such as Bangladesh, China, Ecuador, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Syria, Malaysia, Namibia, South-Africa and Uganda.  

Participants not only got to enjoy great international cuisine but some live performances as well. First Priyanka Bayi showcased an amazing Indian dance, then George Nyang'wara Ongeri continued with a warrior dance, and he shared the meaning of his traditional dance:
„The dance evokes the struggles faced in Africa and the fight of strong warriors followed by a celebratory dance showing that regardless of all the problems, we get new hope and bounce back like an ECHO with new strength and dance with joy, knowing that eventually, everything will be okay.” 

After tasting all the food creations, the three-member jury; Péter Noszek, Zsuzsanna Varga (Vice Director General for Educational Affaires) and Zoltán Kókai (Head of Department of Postharvest, Supply Chain, Commerce and Sensory Science) made their decision and the winners were announced. 

Award winners  
1.    Team Negaraku: Abdul Hannan Bin Zulkarnain, Nur Syuhaini Binti Abdul Wahi 

2.    Team India: Imran Khan, Priyanka Bayi, Rajkumari Shravana 

3.    Team Ecuador: Erika Yomalli Mera Cruz, Maybeth Alejandra Janeta, Valeria Monserrate Romero Delgado