Vaccination Update

Vaccination update

Last modified: 18. October 2022

Vaccination update by Directorate for Study in Hungary, Tempus Public Foundation (March 16th, 2021)

We would like to inform you about the possibility to register for Covid-19 vaccine. As scholarship holders, you are entitled to receive the social security benefits provided by Hungary's national health insurance scheme, thus you can register for Covid vaccine on the following website:
Please note that injections are voluntary, so it is your decision whether you apply for the vaccine or not.

After inserting your personal data (all fields are required to fill in), you need to consent to processing your personal data by ticking the box on the bottom of the page).
After registering you will be provided by the necessary information via the given contact details. Please note that the order of getting the vaccine is not determined by the order of registration, but based on the degree of vulnerability.

Successful registration process

After registering successfully for a Covid-19 vaccine, you will receive an email from your GP about which type of vaccine is available, when and where you can get it. Being vaccined with the offered type is still optional. If you respond to the email sending your name and date of birth, you accept the vaccine. If you do not want to take the opportunity, simply, do not reply.
When visiting your GP for being inoculated, you should optionally take this Statement of Approval to ease administrative duties. The English version to guide you is available here.

Registration for Sinopharm Vaccine – ONLY for Gödöllő Dorm students (updated on May 15th)

There is an opportunity to register for the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine for Dr. Shafiqul Islam Bhuiyan’s patients. Pre-registration is needed at Then, you need to fill in this excel sheet to provide your data and send it to Ms. Judit Talláromné Czingili. Dr. Shafiqul will contact you on the phone and organise your being inoculated. Check Sinopharm Statement of Approval and the general Statement of Approval. Both documents are optionally needed to be printed out in Hungarian, filled in properly and taken with you to the doctor’s office to ease administrative duties: Sinopharm Approval in HungarianGeneral Approval in Hungarian. Also take your personal documents with you, primarily, your TAJ card if you have one.

Registration without a TAJ number - Self-finance students and scholarship holders without being entitled to a TAJ number (updated on May 4th)

From 4th May 2021, foreign citizens living in Hungary without a TAJ number can also register for vaccination. Inoculation can begin in the second half of May. Details regarding the vaccination of foreign citizens living in Hungary will be provided later.
When registering the following data must be provided their name, age, e-mail addressresidence permit number, passport number, telephone number and notification address.

Administrative difficulties (updated on April 23rd)

A number of students' feedback have been received recently about the administrative difficulties MATE students face related to Covid-19 vaccination.
If you write to

and provide your TAJ number, you will receive the contact details of the General Practitioner to whom you belong under the present system. According to the information from Vaccine Registration Customer Service, your email will be responded within 1-2 days. Hopefully, you will receive an email address so that you can communicate with your responsible GP directly at least in writing.

We will keep informing you about the updates in relation to Corona virus.